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Termination of Pregnancy



How do I make sure I am pregnant?
When can I have an abortion?
How to obtain an appointment?
What happens on the day of the abortion?
Cost of the procedure

On abortion

Is abortion legal?
Yes, it is, since 1988, when the Supreme Court of Canada decided that the old law was unconstitutional.

How do I make sure I am pregnant?

As soon as your menstrual period is late, you can have a pregnancy test (urine sample) done in a clinic (or C.L.S.C.) or at a pharmacy.

It is important to know that the age of a pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last period and not from the date on which you think you became pregnant.

When can I have an abortion?

It is recommended to wait until the 7th week of pregnancy since the risk of an incomplete abortion is greater before that time. We perform that procedure until the 15th week, but it is still possible to get an abortion safely until the 20th week in other institutions.

What should I do to obtain an appointment?

Before you call, make sure you have a pregnancy test done, even if you are certain that you are pregnant.

Also, you need to know the date of your last period. If you have any doubts regarding the date, say so, this way we will give you an appointment accordingly.

What happens on the day of the abortion?

After meeting the doctor, you will be led to the intervention room where the nurse, who will be present throughout the intervention, will help you to settle down and relax.

The medical technique which we use is the simplest and most common method: dilation-aspiration-curettage done under local anesthesia. You are offered medication for reducing stress and pain.

The intervention lasts for approximately 10 minutes. This is followed by a period of rest of 30 minutes or so before you can leave the clinic.

Removed tissues are sent to the hospital laboratory for examination.

Counselling is given on how to take care of yourself for the next few days. As with any surgery, there are possible complications (these are rare and usually very easy to treat). We will explain how to detect those complications, but mainly how to avoid them.

If you have a family doctor, we recommend that you have a control visit 3 to 6 weeks after.  

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Cost of the procedure

Québec residents : RAMQ card + a donation if possible.
Ontario residents : OHIP card + $150 on the first visit and, if possible, a donation.
Clients without any card : $415 to $545 depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy.

(Cash, Interac or Visa)


- Your donation could help women obtain a pregnancy termination at locations other than the Clinique des femmes (for example, in Montréal, Sherbrooke or even in the United States).

- Your donation could help other organizations that provide access to pregnancy termination services maintain these services in the province and elsewhere in Canada.

- Your donation could help the Clinique des femmes acquire specialized medical equipment for which it does not have funds.

- Your donation could help women have access to birth control methods, because not all of them have appropriate insurance coverage.

A donation to the Clinique des femmes : a humanitarian gesture towards
other women, a sign of solidarity.

Thank you for your generosity

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