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  Termination of Pregnancy
  General informations
  Explications of the intervention
  The day of the intervention
  After the intervention
  Notice to accompanying person
  The Pill (oral contraceptive)
  Evra contraceptive patch
  Contraceptive ring nuvaring
  Intrauterine device (IUD)
  The morning-after pill
  Continuous pill use
  The condom
  Barrier methods



The Clinic specializes in family planning


Our services

  • Termination of pregnancy : abortion services (information, referrals).

  • Contraception : delay or prevention of pregnancy (information, referrals).

  • Medical consultations : contraception services provided to adults who do not have a family doctor [youth under the age of 18 benefit from services offered at local community health centers (CLSC)].

  • Intrauterine device (IUD) clinic : services for IUD insertion.

Cost of services

  • All consultation, information and referral services are offered free of charge.

  • Termination of pregnancy is covered by the Quebec health insurance card.

  • Documents are generally distributed for free.

Other services

  • Documentation, brochures, leaflets, articles (contraception, abortion...).

The Clinic also provides

  • Information booths.

  • Collaboration with the educational community.

  • Collaboration with community resources.




Clinique des femmes de l'Outaouais
228, boul. St-Joseph, local 201, Gatineau Qc. J8Y 3X4
(819) 778-2055
Since we prefer to be contacted by phone,
our email address and fax number are not made public. Thank you.