Clinique des femmes de l’Outaouais

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La Clinique des femmes is funded by the CISSSO through the PSOC program.
However, the Clinic accepts donations to help women who otherwise would not have access to abortion or contraception services.

Concretely, donations to the Women’s clinic are used to :

  • Help women obtain an abortion at the Women’s clinic or elsewhere.
  • Support the development of new services. This year, donations to the Women’s clinic have contributed to offering Pap test to women who do not have a family doctor and who are unable to pay to obtain this service in a private clinic.
  • Help women access adequate birth control methods. Not all of them have the necessary insurance coverage allowing them to buy a contraceptive method that works for them.
  • Help organizations working to improve and maintain access to abortion services in Quebec and in Canada.

Donations can be made on site in cash, interact or Visa. Donations can be anonymous. Please note that we are unable to provide charitable receipts for donations.

A donation to the Women’s Clinic is a humanitarian gesture towards other women and a sign of solidarity.

Thank you for your generosity.