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La Clinique des femmes offers a wide range of services in contraception. Women who do not have a family doctor can contact us for all their contraceptive needs. Women who have a family doctor can still acccess our services for the insertion of an IUD, an implant or for a morning after IUD.

Making an appointment

You can call la Clinique des femmes to make an appointment. You will be given a first appointment with a nurse.

Initial appointment

During the first appointment, the nurse will review your medical history and conduct a medical questionnaire. She will also provide you with the information about different contraceptive methods available to allow you to make an informed choice. She can talk to you about copper and hormonal IUDs, oral contraceptives (the pill), the vaginal ring, the patch, contraceptive shot, or barrier methods such as condoms or the diaphragm. If you choose a hormonal method of contraception, the nurse can give you a prescription to start your new method. A follow up appointment with a doctor will be given to you in the next three months.

Appointment with the doctor

You will meet a doctor approximately three months after starting your contraception. The doctor will be able to discuss with you and evaluate whether the method you are taking is working for you. The doctor will do a cervical swab to test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea and possibly a pap test. We will give you follow up appointments with a doctor to renew your prescription approximately every two years.

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